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Archive for November, 2009


November 29, 2009

In 2007 I took part in Skeive kunstnere’s art exhibit, during Oslo gay pride. I exhibited four pictures based on Ishihara color tests, but using gay, lesbian and transgender symbols, instead of letters and numbers. Each picture was printed on 50x50cm canvas. The idea behind the images was that we all see things a little different. What is appealing to one person, may be unnoticeable or repulsive to the next.

The images were made using Inkscape, svg and php. I used Inkscape, an open-source vector drawing program, to draw the different gender symbols. I then wrote a small program in php, that took those images and made Ishihara’s out of them, as svg files. I guess you could call it programmer art. 🙂

If you can’t see the one on the lower left, don’t worry, you’re not colour blind. It’s the one representing heterosexuality, and as a joke, I put nothing in there…after all, I personally can’t “see” heterosexuality. 🙂

On the other hand, if you can’t see the symbols in any of the other three, you might actually be colour blind! Though, please don’t use these as an actual test, and go see a doctor if in doubt, it might just be that your monitor has wonked colour settings.

Welcome to the queertales blog

November 22, 2009 has been online since September 1st, and now contains 3 1/2 comics, with more on the way. With the rather slow pace I’ve been able to add new tales to the site, I decided to add this blog to keep you up to date on what I’m working on, as well as share some graphics tips and tricks I hope you find interesting. I’ve also added a short About page, in case you’re curious to know more about me.

gawkers-spying-on-nude-beachCurrently I’m working on finishing Gawkers. I’ve inked the whole comic, and am working on colouring the second half. It’s a bit slow going, as I went for drawing style that I find pretty hard to do, and adding both colour and shading is pretty time consuming. On top of that comes the Christmas party season here in Norway. Last weekend I was at a Christmas party with my boyfriend and his co-workers, yesterday with some friends, and the next weekend it’s with my co-workers. It’s all great fun, even though it means I have less time to draw (being a bit hung over doesn’t really help). 😉

Anyway, time to get back to the drawing board. Feel free to post comments on the blog, and send me feedback.