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Status Update

August 18, 2013

I’ve moved some relevant blog posts from my old site, to here. They contain some early sketches for The Raft that I thought you might enjoy. I’ve collected these posts under the tag.

You may also have noticed that this site hasn’t been updated for almost two years. I’ve been a bit busy with life and other projects, including some open-source software development. One of the tools I’ve developed is GIMP Book. It’s a tool for managing multiple pages, such as comic books, when using GIMP.


For those of you that don’t know GIMP, it’s an open-source graphics and image manipulation program, that works on Linux, Windows and Mac. It works in much the same way as Photoshop, except that you can get it for free from

I’ve also been trying to bring an old artistic 3D renderer back to life, called Jot, by writing a Blender exporter for it. Jot let’s you render your 3D animations with a hand drawn look and feel. I’ve rendered out the status of David (modeled by gabrielmda) in Jot, to give you an impression of what it can do.

As for more comics, there just may  be some in the near future. I’m currently, albeit extremely slowly, working on a short 8-9 page comics using Gimp Book. In addition I’ve got several projects on the backburner that may, or may not come to fruition.

These include a couple of longer stories, that I may turn into either comics or novels with some illustrations (as drawing long format comics is just too much work, and I’m lazy). In addition I’ve wanted to bring Now and Then back to life, either as an animated film, as originally intended, or as a painted comics. Either way, I’m not making any promises, and it may be another year or two until sees another update.


Drawing on Open-Source

September 2, 2011

Open-source software is software where both the source code and the software itself is made available for free. It’s developed by a mix of individuals and companies, and anyone is free to extend, modify and generally improve on it, as long as they make their changes available to others. Open-source software is to commercial software, what Wikipedia is to the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Historically open-source software was mainly the domain of computer nerds and university professors, but in the last decade it has really come into it’s own, and now pretty much everyone uses open-source software in some way or another. For instance, this page is running on a Linux server, using WordPress, PHP, Apache, Python, Cheetah, ImageMagick and MySql, all open-source software. Not only that, but most of the graphics on this page were made with open-source software too.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I’m going to give you a quick overview of some of the free open-source tools I use to make comics, software that you can download and try out for yourself.

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Making Autostereograms with Blender

January 23, 2010

In my earlier post you can see some homoerotic autostereograms I made. For those interested in making their own, I’ve put together this short video tutorial.

Click here, to view it in higher resolution on YouTube.

You can download your free copy of Blender, from It’s a very capable open-source 3D program that runs on Linux, Windows and OS X. Personally I run it on Ubuntu 9.10.

Homoerotic 3D Autostereograms

December 8, 2009

Below are a few fun homoerotic autostereograms, or erotostereograms as I like to call them, that I made for the Skeive Kunstnere 2009 art exhibit. If viewed correctly, the seemingly plain brick walls will pop out as three-dimensional homoerotic shapes. At the exhibit it was quite amusing to see how some people could see the effect right away, while others would stand there staring intensely for minutes, and only see a brick wall. The trick is to de-focus your eyes, and look through the pictures. Once you’ve learned how to, it’s not that hard.


As it was the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which in many ways began the modern gay liberation, I decided to use different stone and brick wall patterns for my erotostereograms. Click on the thumbnails to see bigger full size images.

Erotostereogram #1

Erotostereogram #1

Erotostereogram #2

Erotostereogram #2

Erotostereogram #3

Erotostereogram #3

Erotostereogram #4

Erotostereogram #4

********** SPOILER ALERT! **********

Below are the depth maps I used to make the stereograms above. A depth map is simply an image where white is nearest to the camera and black is farthest away. They clearly show the motives used, for those of you that are unable to see the 3D effect.

********** SPOILER ALERT! **********

Depth Maps

I used Blender, GIMP and Stereograph, on Ubuntu, to make the erotosteregrams, all of which are freely available open-source software. When I get around to it, I’ll post a tutorial on how to make your own autostereograms, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy looking at mine.