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New Comic “Stranger Danger” Available Now!

August 12, 2014

Finally there is a new comic here at I just finished a short nine page story called Stranger Danger, that you can read right now!

Strnager Danger - short comic by Ragnar B.

Hopefully the wait for my next comic won’t be quite as long. 🙂

Making Comics

March 23, 2014

panels-and-gutters-sample-pageWhile there haven’t been many updates here in recent months, I’ve been busy with comics related work in the form of writing a series of tutorials on Making Comics with GIMP, and doing some major updates to my GIMP Book plug-in.

In the meantime my little 9 page comic has been moving along exceptionally slowly. I’ve pencilled all the pages, and inked two, but coloring still remains. Eventually, whenever it’s finished, I’ll publish it here on

Win a Signed Copy of My Comic Book

August 9, 2011

The Raft and Other Stories cover, by Ragnar Brynjúlfsson

Note! This competition is now over, and three lucky winners have been picked at random. I’ll likely do another competition in the future, so all hope is not lost yet. 🙂

Now is your chance to win a signed copy of my comic book “The Raft and Other Stories“.

All you need to do is:

  1. Post a link to any of my comics that you like on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Blogger, or anywhere else you find appropriate. You can enter as many times as you like, as long as each mention is on a different site (no spamming please).
  2. Send an e-mail to: with a link to your mention of my comics.

That’s it!

I’ll be choosing three winners at random on September 1st, the second anniversary of

Note! I won’t be using your e-mail address for other than getting your snail mail address if you win. You can take part from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a postal address. 🙂

“The Raft” – Get a Sneak Peek Now

August 8, 2011

You can get a sneak peek of my latests comic, “The Raft” now. There are four pages available here, with new pages arriving every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. The comic is 60 pages long, so should be finished just in time for Christmas.

Image from The Raft.

If you’re impatient, the whole story is also available in print as part of my book “The Raft and Other Stories“. You can get it directly from my shop at CreateSpace, or through

“The Raft and Other Stories” available in print!

July 21, 2011

The Raft and Other Stories cover, by Ragnar BrynjúlfssonThe Raft and Other Stories” my new comic book is out! You can grab your copy here!

The book collects five of my comics, The Raft, Haul, Kamikaze, The Pillow Method and Tim, drawn over the past 10 years, in a nice 152 page paperback book. The most recent comic, The Raft, tells the the story of two boys who build a raft together and, each with their own hopes and expectations, sail it to a nearby island.

Like the other comics in the book, I’ll be making “The Raft” available on-line, starting August 1st, publishing three new pages each week. This is a bit of an experiment on my part, as I feel it’s important that gay and questioning youth, who may not be in a position to buy the book, have easy access to queer tales too.

Of course, if you like my comics, I hope you buy the book, and give multiple copies to all of your friends, thus motivating me to draw even more comics. After all, it’s much more pleasant to read a good comic book on nice quality paper, than of a harsh computer screen.