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Taking a Hiatus to Reorient Myself

September 11, 2018

Since I began publishing the pages of The Rentboy & the Resurrectionist a few months ago, thing have changed for me, or perhaps rather within me. While I’ve enjoyed drawing new pages and keeping up with the weekly schedule, I’ve been conflicted about how to get the comic out to the world. Unlike most of my earlier comics, this one is intended for an adult audience, as it contains both graphic sex and violence, and I’m not sure if it really belongs here on, which until now has been mostly a safe and positive place for queer folks, young and old.

When I published my first gay comic, Tim, many years ago, it was with a clear goal to tell stories that gay and questioning youth could enjoy. The kind of stories I couldn’t find when I was a young. Fortunately the world has moved forward since then (in most places anyway), and the number of LGBTQI stories in comics, movies and literature has exploded, and the internet has made them easily accessible all over the world. This, I guess, along with me getting older, got me interested in telling different kinds of stories, like The Rentboy & the Resurrectionist.

On top of this comes that I’ve never really felt comfortable with marketing myself, which is probably why I’ve never made any real money of my comics. I’ve always viewed earning lots of money as an unworthy goal, and been more interested in doing meaningful and interesting work (you don’t get into animation and gay comics to become rich…trust me). It’s not the money in itself that is the end goal, but more money could buy me time to work on my comics, which would hopefully result in both more and better comics.

So for now I’m going to take a bit of time to reflect and figure out where I’m going. I’ll keep working on The Rentboy & the Resurrectionist, but I won’t be publishing new pages for now. I’ll be back when I’m back, hopefully with a clear vision for the future.

In the meantime, please head over to Buying Time: A Cyberpunk Romance, by Casey J. He’s a better artists than I, and his comic has been a big inspiration to me.

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