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The Rentboy & the Resurrectionist – first page out today

July 2, 2018

The story of “The Rentboy & the Resurrectionist” takes place in London at the start of the 1830s.

Although the bugger act of 1533 has recently been repealed, sex between men remains punishable by death. Still this does not stop gay men from finding love at Molly Houses, and rentboys from plying their trade.

The murder act of 1752 has failed to supply a sufficient amount of “stiffs” for dissection at a growing number of anatomy schools, opening up a lucrative black market for digging up the recently diseased and selling their corpses.

The Rentboy & the Resurrectionist

My historical fiction “The Rentboy & the Resurrectionist” was planned to take of on Patreon today, but Oslo Pride got in the way (priorities), and setting up a Patreon page was a bit more involved than I had anticipated (laziness).

That said, I’m going to stick to my plan an start publishing a page a week starting from today. So click here to read the first page.

I will be moving it over to Patreon eventually, but please enjoy it here while you can.


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